In Your Bedroom

Take Robin to bed with you.

Well... his book at least.

In "If You Can Keep It", Robin Koerner, founder and publisher of and political psychologist, explains why "We the People" have done such a poor job at keeping our Republic. He presents an utterly original account of American politics that cuts through the prevailing political paradigm of conservative vs. liberal to help us see not only why we've come so close to losing our nation's founding promise, but also how we can get it all back.


"Enjoyed the discussion about our loss of rights. Loved the discussion about talking about love as it relates to politics. Robin is knowledgeable and interesting in his storytelling. Highly recommended reading."

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"In modern times, the case for human liberty in its classical form has been radically, horribly, destructively misrepresented and hence misunderstood. It is not a plan for the socio-political order, imposed by intellectuals with an ideology.

It is not an ethic of individualism that insists that dogs should eat dogs. It is not a partisan plot to skew the affairs of government for capital and against labor, or for any one group against any other group. It is not a slogan for a would-be junta wielding perfect knowledge of the way all things should work."

- Foreword by Jeffrey Tucker

“If You Can Keep It” is available at Amazon and elsewhere.