In Your Classroom

Robin is an unusually powerful instructor - and not just because of his three degrees from the University of Cambridge in physics and philosophy.

His students are invariably thrilled by the insights they gain and the renewed sense of excitement and possibility they feel as a result.

Much of Robin's teaching is focused on helping people understand others and, as a result, have more effective and even persuasive conversations about divisive topics.

A seeker of Truth, Robin is fascinated by why people “know” so many things that are not so, and do not know things that are so - especially in those domains that have real consequences for our lives. These include politics, economics, and the ways we try to persuade others of our view of the world.

Accordingly, Robin is in the business of helping people better understand their own and others' errors and how to correct them, with a view to developing trust and respect to get good things done.

Whether he is teaching young adults, training political candidates, or instructing decision-makers in organizations that have important ideas to promote, those who learn from him become better equipped to advance their principles and achieve their goals. He provides his services to those whose principles he shares: a love of truth, the value of empathy, intellectual humility, and the preservation of individual liberty.

Robin's passion for this work and his excitement by the massive practical impact of the original insights that he has to share, synthesized across multiple disciplines, are infectious.

If you are interested in booking Robin as an instructor (or speaker), or would just like to find out more, please contact us using the form below.