Robin Koerner is an inspiring and out-of-the box thinker in the liberty movement. His examples of how persuasion can be used in the to promote liberty with positive messaging are refreshing and motivating. I had the pleasure of listening to Robin’s talk at Libertopia in May. He gave a powerful and persuasive speech about our ability to make change in society and outlined steps that can be taken to successfully implement that change. I highly recommend attending one of Robin’s presentations to hear for yourself.

- Preston Smith

16 July 2018

This is the messenger the Liberty movement has so desperately needed. One needs only to see him speak once, and you will understand how his message reshapes the “why” in a manner that reaches across the contentious aisles of the political spectrum. We talk about reaching hearts and minds in this movement, but we so often fail to hit the mark, and we miss out on rich opportunities to capture our audience. Robin is a master at crafting the message, and truly conveys how we can effectively win supporters instead of winning arguments. If you have the chance to bring Robin on as a speaker, you should jump on the opportunity.

- Resa Willis

16 July 2018

Robin Koerner presents in a way unlike any other figure in the liberty movement today- a true dynamic champion of effective messaging and unity across party lines. Robin is able to elucidate and convey liberty such a compelling manner that he captivates the audience in a novel and refreshing way. His message has the potential to change the current paradigms of political psychology and the way we communicate with others.

- Dr. Kyle Varner

16 July 2018

Far too often, I have heard people argue as if you can either have your principles or an effective message that connects with other people, but not both. Robin Koerner is someone who understands that we can have both.

- Morgan Rigg

16 July 2018

We desperately need more voices/ideas like Robin’s.

- Nott Sure

16 July 2018

Robin makes difficult topics easy to understand, and also makes it easier to relay the same concepts to others.

- Eric Hailar

16 July 2018

Once you actually get to hear Robin speak up and close, there's so much more color to the man than just blue or red. And while his extensive knowledge in topics covered is already enough to keep you glued to your seat, it's his mesmerizing passion and spot-on humor that take presentations to a whole new level. A+ from me!

- Anonymous

16 July 2018

This guy is a hidden gem.

- James Holland

16 July 2018

Having traveled to numerous political events this year, the speaker who really reached me was Robin Koerner. In addition to having the real world experience that so many speakers lack, Koerner brings wit to topics that can be plodding. If you are looking for an engaging speaker on political organization who can enlighten, educate and advocate, Robin Koerner is without peer.

- Daniel Fishman

10 July 2018

Libertarians LOVE to argue, but arguments are not going to win supporters or elections. Robin provided valuable insight about messaging, marketing, and winning over supporters by finding common ground and working from there. The Liberty movement needs more people like Robin Koerner!

- Amy GH

28 June 2018

As Robin explains to anybody who will listen the Liberty movement is about winning supporters not arguments. If you passionately care about Liberty please invest some time in listening to Robin and reading his book and articles. We need to be productive as we spread the message and talk about how to best solve our shared problems

- David Ulmer, Libertarian Party of Wake County

26 June 2018

I attended a presentation by Robin Koerner, organized by the Wake County (NC) Libertarian Party. I've been politically active and run for office for decades. I've recruited and mentored candidates. Some of what Robin said I've heard, and preached, before. But overall his insights were eye-opening, insightful, inspiring, and frankly blew my mind. I encourage any Libertarian candidate to subscribe, to read his book, and to watch his videos!

- Brian Irving

26 June 2018

Robin Koerner has a masterful capacity in the art of persuasion and the proper use of language and context. He is at his best when he is distilling complexity into simplicity and cutting through the minutiae. Robin is a powerful speaker. Using personal and professional examples he engages an audience and navigates through any topic with ease and humour. His knowledge of the human condition and what drives our behaviors is fascinating and informative. I recommend his talent to any organization looking for a powerful moment for large or small groups.

- Burly Cain

11 March 2018

The first time I heard Robin speak, I signed up for his email list. The second time I heard him speak, I brought him down to give us a full day of presentations at Tax Revolution Institute's launch meeting. Right after that, we hired him as our Communications Adviser.

I have known no one in the country, and probably the world, who knows how to bridge the partisan gap, the left/right divide, better than Robin Koerner. He is the best, bar none, at bringing 'we the people' together to solve our nation's problems.

- Dan Johnson, Executive Director, Tax Revolution Institute

14 September 2016

As Libertarians, we are sometimes flabbergasted by the inability of the two major parties to understand each other's concerns. And yet, as much as we believe we have answers which satisfy both sides, we continually come up short. Why?


Robin Koerner's incredible insights lay the answer bare-- and it is stunning! What if we sound nothing like we think we sound? What if every painstakingly crafted solution appears to be written in Chinese for the average voter? What if we actually sound more hostile to voters than the devil they know?


To have a realistic chance at stopping the one way ratchet that is our shrinking freedom, learning and internalizing these lessons is nothing short of critical.


And NONE of this is being talked about by anybody else! Robin presents a totally original idea that can't be found anywhere else.


For anybody who is serious about advancing the cause of liberty-- and indeed ANY cause-- this knowledge is the key to winning hearts and minds.


I offer the highest of recommendations.

- Brian Simonson

24 July 2016

I first heard Robin speak at the Washington State Libertarian Convention this year. What an incredible mind and positive speaker. He has a way of being warm and inviting while delivering a message of Liberty that is powerful. For an extra treat be sure to ask him a question as he continues to excel and inspire. America is a better place with Robin part of it.

- Robert Parker

20 July 2016

Brilliant mind! A hidden treasure of knowledge and insight. Leaders world-wide should be consulting with this expert on politics, policy, history, communications, more. Highly respectable with remarkable abilities. A must to experience personally.

- Einstein

3 April 2016

What 'TED' talks should be... but are not.

- JSBach

7 November 2015

We had Robin as one of 12 speakers for our 3rd Activist Training Conference. Of all of the speakers, not only did he bring the most energy, but he delivered solid, actionable, points.

His admonition to focus on shared injustices instead of labels was easily the best line of the evening. 

Robin is one of the true thought leaders in antipartisan activism.

- Dan Johnson, Solutions Institute

19 September 2015

Robin's understanding of the inner workings of the human brain and his insights into how to use the way the brain processes information to get people to listen, trust and think is stunning.

- Ted Metz

19 September 2015

Robin! I was impressed with you when I knew you way back when from working for you at Watching America. You are a wordsmith and a master persuader and I always find myself agreeing with everything you say. Please come down to Dallas!

- Holly Fernandez

18 September 2015

I met Robin when he came to give the keynote address for the Vermonters for Liberty convention in 2012. He was invited specifically because of his broad appeal and ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Not only did he deliver a fabulous keynote, he left an indelible impression on my word-view and taught me to "meet people where they are" with love and respect.

- Bill McGonigle

14 September 2015

Thank you to Robin Koerner founder of Blue Republican and Watching America who invited me to participate in his Political Journalism Masterclass Tele-conference/Webinar. Robin gives real life examples not just theory in the art of persuasive journalism through his articles in The Huffington Post. Robin gives you the tools to connect with your audience to communicate your message. Your message can have the power to inspire others to take action. That action can change the world. He gave me the confidence to be bolder in my writing as I now understand how to communicate my message to those that may not share my views and help them see a new perspective. — with Robin Koerner. As a result of his guidance and encouragement I have been active in political journalism and have had articles published on IVN, Liberychat , WatchdogArena, and Sex and the State.

- Cindy Gobrecht

14 September 2015

Robin's upbeat style is attractive and engaging. He is politically bilingual and communicates in a way that is both inspiring and enlightening. To a world of division and mounting tension, Robin brings compassion and civility. He influenced our motto of Liberty Logic and Love for the Libertarian Party of King County. Liberty requires responsibility tempered with compassion. Robin seems to "get" that.

- Michelle Darnell

10 September 2015

Robin Koerner is one of the great minds of liberty today. He is not just a brilliant guy, but he is passionate about liberty and what it means for people to live in a society where they as individuals are recognized as important and valuable. And that's one of the reasons that I'm so excited that he's featured on our site at

Intellectually, he is way up there, so if you have questions, don't be afraid to track him down and ask him - because I always do.

But the bottom line is that he's going to blow your mind about this thing called liberty - about how it doesn't belong to us because we're Americans; it doesn't belong to us by virtue of some birthright that's been given to us; it is because we are humans. It is a human, fundamental right - our right to liberty.

- Ben Swann, Truth in Media

10 September 2015

Robin has been a featured guest speaker at the last 3 of our Libertarian Party of Washington Cascade Liberty Summits and he has always delivered an upbeat, inspiring message to our attendees. He has successfully figured out how to articulate the philosophy of liberty in a pragmatic and non-threatening way. I am looking forward to experiencing his evolution of thought at future events.

- C Michael Pickens, Author, Libertarian Leadership, Former LPWA Chair

9 September 2015

Have you ever heard of an entire county political party being organized based on the speeches of one individual? Well, it has happened in Kitsap County, Washington. We formed the principles and platforms of the Libertarian Party of Kitsap County based on the principles that Robin Koerner teaches. We created a new kind of political party based on Love, Logic, and Liberty and we formed ourselves to reach out to the people of our community with understanding and acceptance. We feel that every county political organization and candidate should base their policies on the concepts and innovative solutions that Robin provides.

- Gary Welch

9 September 2015

One of the things missing from the political process is civility. Having honest disagreements is part of the process, but it often breaks down because we just cannot understand each other. Robin does a fantastic job pointing out that sometimes it IS just a translation problem--and we should consider it a responsibility to understand each other better.

- Tony Evangelista, Wallace Lighthouse Consulting Group

7 September 2015

Robin is well-versed in the art of communication. His presentation was excellent, and encouraged me to redevelop the way I approach discourse on sensitive topics.

- Franklin McCullough, Kenmore State University

6 September 2015

Too often among libertarian circles, people argue simply for the sake of arguing. Robin points out why this is detrimental to the movement and outlines the proper route to take for changing minds. Truly an inspiring speaker.

- Elizabeth

6 September 2015

Very rarely is a talk so good and unique that it presents something I hadn't ever realized, much less one that makes me reevaluate myself entirely, but Robin Koerner's "Breaking Political Paradigms: The Art of Political Persuasion" speech did just that.

Every libertarian needs to hear this talk if our movement hopes to capture the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. The survival of the liberty movement depends on it.

- Daniel Pakkala, Young Americans for Liberty GA State Chair

5 September 2015

Surely, Robin is one of the most knowledgeable persons I have ever met. He has a superior knowledge of banking and financial systems. Listening to the lectures he gave was a pleasure due to Robin’s friendliness, and I honestly believe that I greatly benefited from listening to him during those sessions. By friendliness, I mean being open to questions, giving detailed and insightful answers to all of the questions asked, and creating an atmosphere in which questions and discussion are welcome.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

Robin Koerner takes you to a higher level of Liberty, explaining complex matters in clearest and most accessible way.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

Robin is a really great and informative lecturer. Willing to answer any tricky question, and ready to ask even trickier ones. He provides students with a supportive learning environment in the way he tries to lead the student to find the correct answer himself, by only providing clues, but not the complete solution to the problem until the very end. If you get a chance to take his class, go for it!

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

During Robin’s lectures, you feel the unique spirit of Liberty. You realize that Liberty is like love, and you fall in love with Liberty.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

Apart from the unique content, I found Robin’s passion in sharing it with us very persuasive. I particularly liked how he illustrated the bubble of borrowers increasing in order to pay interest and the explanation of how tax dollars are effectively shredded. Bringing up the 5th plank of the communist manifesto or 'what people take for granted is more important than what they argue about' were both eye-opening. Also, although things like 'start from the common ground' or 'you sell emotionally' might seem obvious, his explanation based on personal experience in sales was very compelling .

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

Robin’s lecture was an exercise in critical thinking, giving liberals nowhere to go but to run away from well intentioned social programs and towards the principles of individual freedom, liberty, and sound money.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

I will gladly tell the story of the Blue Republicans as an example of how Liberty can be spread beyond party boundaries. Your words are still ringing in my head.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

I loved the energy he sends to the audience and the way he can challenge us to think critically. He also explains concepts in a very effective and understandable way.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015

Robin’s lectures are inspiring and encourage you to change the world around you.

- Anonymous

1 August 2015